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Space Invaders Infinity Gene 3.0 [iPhone, Games]


One of our favorite iPhone games ever has just got a version 3.0 update and with this downloadable content that includes both new ships and levels. If you have missed our previous post on Infinity Gene you can read it here. Here is just a little snippet of what we thought about it:

The graphics are fantastic. Retro-vector just adds to the feel of fast paced modern shooter. The pace is just right, not too fast nor too slow, progression feeds sense of success and I just can’t put it down.

What’s included in the Ver. 3.0.0
1. Enjoy the game like a side-scrolling shooter by turning your device sideways and switching to horizontal display mode!
2. Your “OPTION” ship appears by filling your Evolution Gauge during gameplay.
3. Download ships and unique stages based on DARIUS, NIGHT STRIKER, METAL BLACK and other arcade classics!

At $1.99 a pop, the 3 upgrades may be considered somewhat expensive, costing you a total $10.96 (!) for the whole game. If you haven’t played the game before, it’s a must regardless. If you like it, like we do, you won’t think twice about downloading extra content. The basic install should keep you going for hours anyway or just try the lite version available here instead (itunes link).

That legendary shooter, “Space Invaders” has evolved once again with an unprecedented new system!
The game starts off looking like the classic “Space Invaders”. But the more you play, the more the game “evolves”. Unlock new stages and new system features for a whole new shooting game experience!

Platform: iPhone
Version: 3.0
Cost: $4.99
Developer: TAITO Corporation