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Space Invaders Infinity Gene [iPhone]


Guys at Taito Corporation have just posted a video of their upcoming Space Invaders Infinity Gene shooter for the iPhone. The game has originally been developed for the Japanese mobile phones market but only few days ago they announced iPhone version currently in development.

Vector-sharp retro-future take on the series (Brandon Boyer) Infinity Gene looks incredible (see video). If you are a fan of the original series or the more recent Eliss aesthetic (my favorite iPhone game), you will love this. Game also includes some of the 3.0 software features such as being able to load you own music tracks whilst playing.

Taito + Facebook Page + Twitter

The company was founded in 1953 by a Russian businessman named Michael Kogan as Taito Trading Company (株式会社太東貿易kabushikigaisha taitō bōeki?). Taito started out importing and distributing vending machines. Later, they began leasing jukeboxes and they eventually started to manufacture their own. Taito has had a big influence on the course of videogame history, developing some very innovative games. Space Invaders is probably the most notable, but games such as Qix, Bubble Bobble, Jungle Hunt, Elevator Action, Puzznic, Operation Wolf andPuzzle Bobble also introduced unique and innovative gameplay ideas. (wikipedia)


Posted on: 17/07/2009

Posted in: Games, iOS

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