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Windosill [iPad, Games]

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Windosill by Patrick Smith ( is now available for the iPad.  An adventure puzzle game filled with peculiar objects, it is your task to resolve abstract but yet logical puzzles to progress from room to room.

Our post from 2009The world is populated by objects and beings but it is the square that fits right above the door on your right is the object you are after. This may be given to you by the bird or it could be the part of letter “i”. None of this may make sense but you really need to play the game to find out what is all about. I have managed to pass first 3 levels pretty easy, but I am not sure If I can make logic from level 4. Greeted by weird but wonderful five objects on plant stems, each with individual properties, I am trying to make sense of it all. From the weird characters to the little steam engine that is ‘you’, everything in this game looks great.

For fans of the original, this is not just a simple port. The Windosill for the iPad was built as a native iOS app and customized the behavior of every element to the iPad’s touch interface. Bonus features include a sketchbook gallery of concept and development artwork, the option to instantly skip to any room you’ve already completed and two special settings, unlocked when you complete Windosill: Complex Gravity, which allows you to manipulate objects by tipping your iPad, and See-Thru Mode, which makes everything translucent (giving you a sneak-peek into how Windosill is put together).

Note: Spoilers in the video below.

Platform: iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: $2.99
Developer: Vectorpark

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