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3D Me [iPhone]



3D Me allows you to create 3D-effect pictures with just a few clicks. No 3D glasses needed. A task that would be quite difficult to accomplish (i tried) without the app, 3D Me helps you align your centre of vision so it is the background that shifts. 3D Me makes this easy by letting you look through a transparent version of your first photo to use as a guideline for taking your second photo. By flicking the image back and forth (animated gif) the illusion of 3d space is created.

You can view pics on your iPhone or share them with friends by email or uploading your pics directly to MySpace. To share 3D Me pics, you upload them to a private drop folder at (process automated by the app) and then email links to your friends.

3D Me was created with the help of these open source projects: DropKit, libGD (license), libpng (license), ObjectiveFlickr (license), zlib (license)

Here are some examples including the video of the process created by the team behind the app.


Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.1
Cost: $1.99
Developer: Rooftop Collective

See also QuadAnimator [Flash, iPhone]

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  • Wouldn't hate the lack of camera on the ipod touch if it wasn't for awesome apps like this one :)

    Added to my wishlist.

  • Ferris Mc

    Doesn`t work, can´t find the app in itunes. I really would like to have it!!!!!!

  • Petr

    Same here. Can’t find the app and the link to iTunes doesn’t work

  • Fred

    not in the app store?