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All Apps.CAN Free Today [iPhone, iPad]


Apps.CreativeApplications.Net is a site dedicated to the collection of Apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad created by artists around the globe and published by CreativeApplications.Net. Our aim is to inspire, innovate and challenge the norm by creating applications that question our relationship to technology and personal devices.

Today and only today, ALL Apps.CAN are FREE. See them all on iTunes here.


Created by Martin Fuchs, GD3D (GeoDoodle3d) is an Accelerometer and Compass/GPS 3D drawing application for the iPhone allowing you to create three dimensional drawings in space. Using built in compass, GD3D lets you draw around you, tagging your location with color. Share your creations with other users or visit places to see what they have drawn.

Accidental News Explorer

Created by Brendan Dawes, The Accidental News Explorer is a new type of news app that celebrates serendipity and chance encounters. Start by searching for a subject. Once you’ve browsed the suggested articles taken from hundreds of news sources, tap the “related topics” button to discover connected topics, which in turn leads to more articles.  Each article leads to new things; the more curious you are, the longer your journey will be. What will you discover?


Created by Kim Asendorf, asdfbmp is a pixel art generator app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It creates a pixel structure by using a spatial partition algorithm resulting in fields populated by pixel patterns.


Created by Mike Tucker and inspired by the computer art of an older generation, RetroScreen is an interactive incarnation designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Enjoy five different modes, each taking full advantage of multitouch capabilities. It’s like your 1996 Power Macintosh had a multitouch display all along.


Instead of adopting traditional “brush” based drawing, SKTCH is about presets, created by a number of digital artists around the globe. Whether you decide to sketch circles, meshes, networks or use any of the 14 presets available, be inspired by the endless possibilities of generative sketches and compositions you are able to make using SKTCH.

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  • That’s very generous! thank you! :)

  • The apps aren’t showing up free in the Australian iTunes store…

  • That would be because you are already in the day after. =[

  • waka

    they don’t look very free to me…

  • NOT FREE in Australia. One day after? that’s weird. The news that came late?

  • great. thank you.

  • Angular Prog

    uh.. oct. 5th was either a VERY short day, or these aren’t very free… bummer

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  • dead_elvis

    They’re not free as of 9:30 PM, Pacific Time (Seattle, Washington), with the exception of SKTCH Remote.

  • It’s the first time I’ve gotten presents for celebrating someone else’s birthday! :) cheers

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