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BuddyFeed [iPhone]


buddyfeed00BuddyFeed is a recent addition to FriendFeed client apps for iPhone and iPod touch. Probably the most featured client, BuddyFeed is what you would expect from an app to browse latest activities of your friends and groups on FriendFeed. Although Mother Feed, webfeedr and Nambu offer similar integration, the features included in the BuddyFeed closely resemble what you get on

If you are unfamiliar with FriendFeed, it is a webapp that helps you discover and discuss interesting stuff that your friends on the web. See the web pages, videos, photos, and music your friends are sharing from around the web. You begin by setting up an account and adding various services you use including flickr, twitter, vimeo, youtube, brightkite and many more. If you are social geek, friendfeed is the place to go.

BuddyFeed’s clean interface and easy navigation allows easy browsing and engagement with content your friends are posting. You can comment, mark liked and view the links within the integrated browser. As you would also expect, you can discover people’s profiles, their feeds and subscribe to them. The latest 1.1 update has really made BuddyFeed complete with integration of lists and rooms. There is always room for improvement and speed might be one of those. Loading the content can be slightly sluggish at times especially when there are a lot of images in question. Another slight problem is avoiding to click on the content when scrolling. As you can see in the video posted comment is slightly too sensitive when trying to swipe you finger to scroll.  Neither of these two issues affect much the general experience and with future updates we are sure these will be addressed.

– View your feeds of home, lists, rooms and everyone.
– View your own feeds, likes and commented messages.
– Inline web browser for links in messages
– View comments and likes of messages
– View user profiles and feeds
– Search in your feeds
– Search in all public feeds
– Post messages
– Post message to a room
– Post images in messages
– Post comment to messages
– Like/unlike messages
– Hide/unhide messages
– Subscribe/Unsubscribe to a user
– Bookmarklet for Safari for posting messages

If you are looking for a FriendFeed client for the iPhone, BuddyFeed is your best choice.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.1
Cost: $2.99
Developer: Robin Lu
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