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Crowdpilot for iOS – Crowdsource your conversations

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When Lauren McCarthy went out on dates where other people we suggesting her next action she did’t really know what to expect but it was definetly interesting. During a series of dates with people she meet on the internet she streamed the interaction to the web using an iPhone app where Mechanical Turk workers were paid to watch the stream, interpret what is happening, and offer feedback. Now, after a year since the project was conceived, and in collaboration with Perceptor, anyone can do the same using the just released iPhone app. The app uses MTurk, Facebook or an open site online to allow you to seek help when caught in any situation.

What if we could receive real-time feedback on our social interactions? Would unbiased third party monitors be better suited to interpret situations and make decisions for the parties involved? How might augmenting our experience help us become more aware in our relationships, shift us out of normal patterns, and open us to unexpected possibilities?

The app was launched last night by Lauren at the Rhizome event. You can crowdsource your conversations by bringing a group of your friends or strangers along to listen. Whenever you need help, turn on Crowdpilot to stream your conversation to the web where the anonymous crowd – optionally supported by a team of your Facebook friends – will tune in, follow along and assist you. Or become a crowdpilot yourself, and watch and direct others.

Project Page | Download on AppStore (Free) | Lauren McCarthy