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DaylightCal [iPhone]


DaylightCal visualises the duration, angle and quality of sunlight wherever you are. Using weather forecast data, DaylightCal calculates the distribution of daylight for any location and date worldwide. Find out how much daylight you’ve got left today and how much to expect tomorrow.

Now all of this may sound pretty familiar and we have seen a number of apps like this appear in the AppStore. What makes this slightly special is that the app has been designed by the UK based Bureau for Visual Affairs, a design consultancy with some pretty impressive past clients list. The list includes Designhotels so I can therefore also assume that the beautiful The Design Hotels™ iPhone City Guides is also the work of the Bureau (but I may be wrong – ) – *see below. The DaylightCal app in this case adopts the beautiful swiss helvetica aesthetic specific to the Bureau‘s work, of course loaded with useful info about daylight and sunlight in your city (see screens below). Considering the app is also free, makes it a must without question.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free
Developer: Bureau for Visual Affairs

*UPDATE 2009.12.29 – the iPhone travel guide apps are the work of unlike – thanks Pieter

  • Maybe I'm missing an obvious setting, but it appears to have a bug that a UK reviewer might not notice. I'm in the US Eastern TZ (GMT -5) and while it is able to use the GPS to locate me and show me local data, it appears to assume that my clock is still set to GMT, so it does an unnecessary timezone adjustment. i.e. here it is 11:30 a.m. but the app tells me that it's 6:30 and that sunrise is in another 55 minutes from now. Which would be very handy if I were in the UK & planning to travel to the US east coast. Less handy since I'm here already.

    Perhaps there is a toggle where one can tell it one's “home zone” and then view time-adjusted data for the rest of the world, but I couldn't find anywhere in the UI to do any sort of persistent settings such as that.

  • Wiweeyum

    Noticed the same thing.

  • The update has just been released. Should fix problems.
    “This version contains various bug fixes including problems with timezones other than GMT and weather retrieval from the database. This version also supports international characters in the location search.”