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Deko – Generative Wallpapers for iOS

deko_09 copy


Created by Jaakko Tuomivaara and Johan Halin, Deko is an application for iPhone and iPad that creates images from simple shapes using a generative process. There are a number of set presets which are used to generate images. Once the images are loaded you can apply up to 4 different parameters to modify the existing graphic or change to another preset all together.

Different to many other desktop wallpaper apps, there is an endless (probably limited eventually) number of variations on existing preset. Depending on the extent of parameter, colors, scale, rotation and positions are altered. Images can then be saved at low res or high resolution ($1.99 in app purchase).

The app was creating iOS native Cocoa and UIKit. The images are created with Core Graphics, although an update with OpenGL rendering is planned.

Project Page | Download on AppStore (free)