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DotEditor [iPhone]


DotEditor is an iPhone drawing application that allows you to create 16×16 pixel art drawings. Similar to 32×32 pixel editor we reviewed weeks back, DotEditor is a full colour pixel drawing tool. You can create custom color palettes and use them in your pixel illustrations. Although the app includes many features including things such as e-mailing files as GIF file, PNG file, and the ICO file, there is a slight lack of control when drawing. You may find yourself constantly deleting errors and redrawing parts of your drawing but this should not detract from using many tools available at your disposal to create the perfect pixel art piece.

- Character management up to 100.
- One dot upper and lower, right and left movement.
- Right and left, upper and lower reversing.
- 90 degrees in the right and 90-degree in the left rotations.
- Easy color selection by preset color.
- Color selection by RGB and HSB slider.
- Save to photo album.
- Create icon for address book entries.

See also 32×32 [iPhone]

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $2.99
Developer: yamagame


Posted on: 15/08/2009

Posted in: iOS

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    • bleepbox app

      This really makes me want to do an 8-bit game. ;)

    • zachgage

      im really digging this program. it doesnt look like animation stuff has made it into the one on the itunes store… or at least i cant find it, and it would be nice to have a fill tool and an undo… but even without all that this seems far and away the best pixel art program on the phone

    • bleepbox app

      yeah, was just about to post about that.. these screenshots have features not in the app yet :/ Oh well, hopefully that means there's an update coming soon.

    • amul


    • hugo torres

      wooaah this app is not available in my country! that is bu||$#it !! do anyone has a promocode for me?

    • Filip

      Not sure why that is. Maybe get in touch with @yamagame / he should have more info.

    • Filip

      Not sure why that is. Maybe get in touch with @yamagame / he should have more info.

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