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harmonious. [iPhone]


Inspired by Mr. Doob‘s ‘Harmony’ web app, harmonious is an iPhone version of the same created by The Angry Robot Zombie Factory allowing you to create drawings using smart generative brushes some devised and others evolved by Mr. Doob.

Harmonious uses clever procedural drawing techniques so that, with only a few lines, you can create something worth showing off. You can then save the image to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or upload it to the Harmonious Gallery at where others can see it and tell you if they like it.

Although the webapp was created by Mr. Doob to encourage others to develop brushes for the application, it appears that a number of people have tried to monetise the idea. harmonious is nevertheless best iPhone port we have seen yet and although it does not offer any additional brushes we haven’t already seen in the webapp, it’s a great little sketching tool for the iPhone.

I should also point out that although somewhat slow, Mr. Doob’s ‘Harmony’ also works on the iPhone.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: The Angry Robot Zombie Factory

  • Northorn

    If you like harmonious then you'll love OmniSketch!

    App Store Link:
    YouTube Videos:
    Online Gallery:

    * 18 amazing brushes draw shapes and patterns automatically
    * Intuitive user interface
    * Eraser
    * Mirrored Drawing – Vertical, Horizontal and Kaleidoscope mode
    * Line width adjustment
    * Opacity adjustment
    * Brush custom adjustments
    * Full color support with an intuitive color picker
    * Selectable background color
    * Gallery allows you to view, add, edit, delete and export your artwork
    * Built in slide show feature lets you show off your creations
    * Online gallery lets you share your pictures with friends, family and the world
    * Full undo/redo is supported