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Inkstrumental [iPhone]


Inkstrumental is the latest iPhone/iPod Touch app from the London’s ustwo creative studio. A collaboration between ustwo and artist Jon Burgerman, Inkstrumental allows you to create simple musical tracks and share them over youtube. As the name suggests, the app is about attributing sound to drawings, ie ink. Jon Burgerman has illustrated 31 characters, each one attributed a sound or sample. You first browse the characters where clicking on them will produce a sound, then filling the “library” slots with the ones you’d like to use in your track (8 max). You can change the backing track by selecting a new one from the scenes. Some characters also change their sounds depending on the level selected. Then you enter the score with the loop where you tap on the characters when you want them saved to the loop.

Jon Burgerman has built a strong reputation through his recognisable and colorful artworks of ‘swooping, intertwining lines and hyper-emotional characters‘. The characters in Inkstrumental are very much in style with his previous work, diverse in colour and appearance. Inkstrumental is as much about his work with simple intention to make music creation fun and colorful. Yes, when it comes to music creation the app can be somewhat limiting, resulting in tracks always sounding like variations of the same tune. Nevertheless, if you are a fan on John’s work you will love Inkstrumental. Likewise, if you are like me with a young son/daughter, rest assured that Inkstrumental is a fantastic way to cheer them up. I started playing on the iPhone and my 7 month daughter absolutely loved it, giggling and repeatedly trying to put the iPhone in her mouth. Of course, this was interruped by her mom saying “I dont think that’s particulary intelectually stimulating for kids of that age, you should read her a book”. Mental stimulation and intelectual development to one side, Inkstrumental is about fun and ustwo with Jon have done a terrific job in bringing fun music creation to peeps of all ages. Whether I will play with it on my own, is somewhat questionable but that’s because I am more of a nanoloop type-a-guy. What I am certain of is that it’s definetly staying on my iPhone together with the other non so intelectually stimulating but awesome apps for my daughter.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $3.99
Developer: ustwo

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