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KARMA – A/V iPad Experience by Óscar Monzón and Espadaysantacruz Studio



Conceived by Spanish photographer Óscar Monzón and developed by Espadaysantacruz Studio, KARMA is an interactive audiovisual experience designed for the iPad integrating photos, video and music created by Óscar Monzón. The cyclical movement of cars through the city appears as a reflection of the repetitive patterns of the music. By allowing the user to trigger samples, which exchange at random, the user is invited to become an active spectator. Headphones are a must.

In Karma, a project developed in Madrid between 2009 and 2013, Óscar Monzón focuses on the car as a means of transportation that is not entirely distinct from the person who inhabits it, for the vehicle is in itself a product of the wheel that endlessly spins inside us.

Karma explores a range of unconscious human behaviours imprinted on our memory. In terms of the relationship we establish with the car, these forms of conduct materialise in specific ways: detachment, competition, aggressiveness. (source)

The project explores the audiovisual material of entire KARMA project, beyond the limits of the photobook that was the winner of Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Photobook Award in 2013.

Project Page | AppStore ($4.99)

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Note: I seem to have some problems bypassing the checkbox-top-right-corner and end in a loop. Might be related to my iPad Mini but others may be lucky. Please post comments if you are having the same issue.


  • Federico Guardabrazo

    If you are stuck in the random collages part….keep swiping! Eventually you’ll reach the next scene.

  • Miguel Espada

    Is this a bug or a feature? ;)

  • Right in between. It’s the best place to be :)

  • Federico Guardabrazo

    There are some scenes where you can end up stuck but it is intended that way. Karma is never straightforward, keep interacting (swiping, tapping, holding the tap…) and you will advance to the next scene :)