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Kinetic [iPhone]


Currently in development and Created by Mothership, Kinetic is a GPS-based tracking and training app for running, cycling, hiking, walking… designed specifically to help you measure, record, store, review and analyse your location based data. Packaged in a beautiful interface with features to amaze and only grow with time, Kinetic is/will be a must for every iPhone. Guys at Mothership sent us an ad-hoc and although I am not a big runner myself, this is an app that I will want to use for all my location based activities and in the future I hope much more…

Because Kinetic is module based, ie your mix and match different modules according to your preference and activity, you are able to build you own perfect tracker. Included are time, distance and location which allows you to keep track of your time and distance covered, and see the route you’re on with live mapping and real-time markers. Speed and pace display average speed and pace, and lets you view live speed history graph to monitor your progress. Also included are altitude and compass which display current altitude and ascent/descent rates over both distance and time as well as an altitude history graph. Things don’t stop here. The team is hard at work to release the 1.0 version and at the same time excited about the endless possibilities that can be included in the future. Some of these will include full on Marathon training packs, audio and customisable training plans as well as ways to output data with all the recorded time and location to use as you like whether this be for art projects or else.

Another feature of Kinetic is the ability to change the app style. Kinetic comes with a number of styles preloaded, including Dashboard – which is designed specifically for night time use and comes in a number of alternative flavours. Of course, the team will add more styles with future app updates.

The app was submitted to the AppStore three days ago and should be available within a week or two. – Now Available. Included also is the lite version, ad supported which allows you to transfer your data to the full version once you are ready to make the jump. The full version will be available for $2.99 (for a limited time).

Mothership was established in 2010 by Stuart Eaton, Nick Hingston and Tim Juby to develop and build intelligently designed software that meets the highest of standards and are enjoyable to use. We care about getting the user experience right. We believe in making software that serves a purpose, making sure that it is as functional, engaging and as simple to use as possible. Creativity and innovation shaped by good design.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $2.99
Developer: Mothership

  • OmegaSupreme

    Looks great, will be picking it up. Have tried a few cycling apps but not entirely satisfied with them.

  • have you tried runkeeper? i’ve been using it to keep track of my cycling progress, works well. though i’m really tempted to try kinetic. it looks beautiful.

  • have you tried runkeeper? i’ve been using it to keep track of my cycling progress, works well. though i’m really tempted to try kinetic. it looks beautiful.

  • Been using Runmeter for a while and am quite ok with it. But Kinetic looks nice, though.

  • Stuart

    Kinetic is now available on the App store:

  • NIkhilalmeida

    Will give it a try. It looks good. But seems that Runkeeper and Nike+ have a lot of traction. You would definitely need to release an API to be able to play catch up. The other guys have no plans to do that currently although Nike+ has an unofficial API that is integrated into tons of systems already. Let us know if you’ll plan to release one on

  • Nikhilalmeida

    Also you will need to embrace the freemium model as Runkeeper has. I have purchased the runkeeper pro, nike sensor and gps and do not want to spend any more cash to give you feedback. Hope that’s a fair argument.

  • Does it work on Symbian system?


  • How well does it work compared to Find My iPhone?

  • Is there a possibility to add more Trainingplans?