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LandWaves – Raw sonification of a 1D reaction diffusion system for iOS

Created by Binaura (Dániel Huszár, Ágoston Nagy and Bence Samu), LandWaves is a raw sonification of a 1D reaction diffusion system originally imagined as an installation and now available for the iOS – the team’s first anti-app non-interactive piece designed for the App Store.

Reaction diffusion systems are mathematical representations of the behaviours of fluids that can be found in nature. A key characteristic of these systems is that the initial parameters are simple but the resulting process can be extremely complex. Here, each pixel brightness affects the brightness in the corresponding pixel line. Frequencies of the sound waves are the sonification of these pixel values.

The installation version of the project uses Raspberry PI (second iteration). iOS application was created using openFrameworks.

Project PageBinaura | AppStore (Free)

Binaura is making creative coding, interaction design, experimental interfaces, sonic toys and other, reactive environments. The collective regularly gives international workshops and lectures on these topics.