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Loop – Hand-drawn animation tool for your iPad by Universal Everything



Created by Universal Everything and inspired by the working methodology of Matt Pyke (UE lead), Loop is a drawing app for iPad that lets you easily create short hand-drawn animations and share them via email, Tumblr and in the Loop gallery.

Matt is known for using pen and paper to sketch ideas and develop creative direction for projects. Like in Communion (image), project he worked on with or Nike Flyknit ‘Fit’ Installation (image) projects we previously mentioned on CAN, Matt has always used sketches as a communication tool to both visualise and describe ideas to the diverse team of collaborators.

Loop is an attempt to fill the gap, create a tool that is simple, easy to use and expressive that adds a time dimension to a simple quick sketch. Apart from the fact that most UI elements in the app were “hand” drawn, the app includes great tools that make process of creating animations fast and engaging. Frame by frame drawing, onion skinning, frame duplication, trace over video frames, expressive pen widths are all included. Colours come in red/blue and black. Final animations are generated as animated gifs (320px x 180px resolution) and can be easily shared on your own Tumblr or if you prefer to the Loop gallery.

If Paper by FiftyThree is about drawing on the iPad, Loop is about animating where focus is on fast and expressive frame based drawing. Download it and please share some of your drawings with us in the comments.

Download from AppStore ($0.99) | Loop Gallery | Universal Everything


  • netsi1964

    Very simple and nice animation app, but hey please could some sort of simple way of moving drawn elements be added. If say I have a circle which over frames moves from left to right in say 20 frames, then I have to redraw it 20 times, cause even if I can duplicate drawn elements from frame to frame I cant do any editing of it except to rubber out or redraw… I am a bit disappointed and hope that such editing features will be added soon :-)

  • Maxx Well
  • hdizzle

    Is there a down and dirty training video/material to show how to use this app? I’ve been playing around, but can’t seem to get my animation to work. Would be lovely to have a bit more detail then what is currently in the About section…

  • Henrik Cederblad

    Would be more useful with a (much) larger export size than 320×180 px … Also built-in Dropbox support would be nice. Other than that, looks great!

  • Martha Freeman

    I would suggest animation desk app ( This is simple and easy to use.

    You can try….