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Loopy Laboratory [iPhone]


Loopy Laboratory is a puzzle game about a girl called Lara. She’s been locked away in the laboratory of the evil Dr. Heissenbad. It is your job to help Lara escape the laboratory and reach safety.

Dr. Heissenbad’s lab is divided into 50 unique rooms, each filled with deadly traps and mindbending puzzles. To exit a room, it is often necessary to collect all batteries in order to power down the electrified gates protecting the room’s exit portal.

Skeptical at first we found this game extremely engaging. Early levels are pretty simple but slowly as you progress the levels become more challenging. Levels from 1-10 are somewhat tutorials, teaching you how to utilize objects available in the game. Later levels become more difficult where your intuition and creativity come into play. One mistake can cost you the game so be careful what you move before you do. Each move can have implications on how you procure next. We found that sometimes running test games really helps so you can see what strategy you should undertake. You might have to do this few times until you commit to a way of achieving your goal. Interface is both simple and intuitive. You drag your finger along the direction of where you want Lara to go. Be careful not to drag your finger too often as this can sometimes result in Lara pushing some objects by accident and you might have to restart the whole level.

All in all, If you are a fan of pixel graphics and puzzles this one is definitely for you. Environments and objects are wonderfully drawn making the game more exciting. You really feel the three-dimensional environment and somewhat real sense of achievement as you complete the levels. Later levels might be a little slow for some but this is the challenge. Patience, pragmatism and forethought is all that this game is about.

Go and save Lara, she needs you help!

Platform: iPhone
Cost: $4.99
Developer: Bas Tossings
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