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myFry [iPhone]


Published by Penguin, myFry is an iPhone application allowing you to interactively explore Stephen Fry‘s autobiography, titled “The Fry Chronicles” (released yesterday).

Instead of doing something rather prosaic like reproducing the printed book on a touchscreen (though the whole book is here, every delightful word of it), myFry’s unique visual index encourages you to discover and interact with Stephen’s story in new and unexpected ways.

The app includes an interactive circular wheel which allows you to browse all the sections of the book. Once you have selected the section, a list of tags mentioned in the section are shown allowing you to further explore the same tag mentioned elsewhere in the book. You can mark sections favorite as well as read so they are identified in the wheel. The design of the app is absolutely wonderful, including the reading sections. Because the book was written as collection of sections, the app encourages reading it in any other you may find interesting. I am very pleased to see Penguin adopting innovative digital book design although credit probably goes to the technology evangelist Stephen himself. Great work Penguin, nonetheless….

Key features
– Discover a new and utterly original way of reading, through visual indexing
– A non-linear structure allows you to create your own personal narrative
– Navigate by spinning through 112 self-contained sections, view their opening words and follow their tags
– Find your way with a choice of four colour-coded categories: People, Subjects, Feelings and Fryisms
– See which sections you’ve read and store your favourites

The application was designed by Stefanie Posavec, developed by Dare Digital.

(found via infosthetics)

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: £7.99 (UK)
Developer:  Penguin