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Op de Beeck [iPhone]


Produced by The July 16 and developed by Bowyer, “Op de Beeck” for the iPhone is based on the short-movie “Sea of Tranquillity”
by the award winning contemporary artist Hans Op de Beeck.

The app allows endless browsing through the 9 movie scenes with insight into the story that take place on a fictional cruise liner created by the artist. Swipe or tap to flick through the videos and watch the scenes in loops with beautiful accompaniment written and composed by Hans Op de Beeck as well.

There is no scores, no aims, no enemies, just pure inspiration and “tranquility”.

You can also watch the full movie at (art works > 2010)

“Sea of Tranquillity” by Hans Op de Beeck
(Full HD video, colour, sound, 29′ 40″)

“Sea of Tranquillity” music and lyrics by Hans Op de Beeck
Vocals — Sandrine / Arrangement — Sam Vloemans

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.01
Cost: Free
Developer: The July 16

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