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Passion Pit: Gossamer – New interactive music app by Scott Snibbe Studio

Passion-Pit-screenshot-iPhone-1 copy

The “Passion Pit: Gossamer” by Scott Snibbe Studio is a new interactive music app for iPhone and iPad that combines voronoi diagram with album imagery to allow you to interact with the band’s music video or create new melodies using the samples provided. 

The project started at the Webby Awards a couple months ago, doing video backdrops to their new single “Take a Walk.” (video here) Then the team expanded the collaboration to an app “EP” featuring two songs, including a new track: “Carried Away.” Each song can be experienced in two modes – one is an interactive music video, where the sequencing of graphics, animation, and photographs by Mark Borthwick are different every time. The second mode for each song is a “remixer” in which people can create their own music with Passion Pit’s raw material. For “Take a Walk” people can create new melodies on top of a backing track, by creating a kind of harp-string spider web. In the remixer for “Carried Away” all the parts of the song can be turned on and off via touch tiles. Some loop, while others are synth notes.

“Passion Pit: Gossamer” can be found in the iTunes App Store as a universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for $1.99.

Download | App at Snibbe Studio web page