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Pixel [iPhone]


This is an application released only few days ago. Whilst at first sight it may seem a little simple or maybe too simple it offers exactly what it says – Draws Pixels. There may be no much control over how you draw pixels but the feature to convert images into pixel graphics is there which adds to the retro pixel experience. You can also upload your wonderful creations using the app. Here are some examples: linky

If you are like me and do enjoy anything retro specially related to computers, then this is one application you want to have on your iPhone and its FREE!!

Touch the screen and draw pixels. Feel like your back in the days creating art for your favorite videogame. Share your pixels online at Pixelize your own images or take a picture then pixelize it.

Application Title: Pixel
Platform: iPhone
Cost: FREE
Developer: ToomuchspaceÂ
[xrr rating=3/5]