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Quadratime [iPhone, iPad]


Inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s legendary painting “Black Square” (wiki), Quadratime is an abstract media artwork and experimental time display created by Carrois Type Design. Quadratime explores an alternative perception of time playing with the idea that the impression of time “passing by” is manmade. Quadratime distances itself from a purely linear perception of time and allows the user to perceive time as an area or a picture.

Quadratime translates a static picture into an endless abstract film. Emanating from Kazimir Malevich’s legendary painting “Black Square”, the film generates perpetual movement through a sequence of individual pictures. The degree of abstraction reached by Malevich is brought into the present using technical possibilities. Furthermore, the basic square form corresponds exactly to the smallest digital unit of image representation, the pixel, while the contrast between black and white is a direct translation of the binary foundation of digital technology. Quadratime’s basic time unit is predictable and alike for all people; the day. The black square area represents the duration of one day. All other units result as a division of the basic square into four equal square parts. The white square area denotes the present quarter of the day. In the first quarter of the day the white square is to the upper left, in the second quarter to the upper right, in the third to the lower right and in the fourth quarter of the day to the lower left. Thus a tangible image.

Quadratime’s fractal system is expandable into smaller or larger time periods. Using the iPhone zoom function, the day can be zoomed into or out of. The minimum time period available is 1/1.048.576 of a day, which roughly equates to a second. The maximum time period available for the QT1.0 version is 1.048.576, or about 2873 years. The fictional starting point of Quadratime is at 0.00 (Petrograd time) on the 19th December, 1915, as a reference to Malevich and the time and place of the exhibition opening in which Black Square was first presented.

Quadratime was first presented in 2004 at the “Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie” in Karlsruhe as part of the exhibition “Algorithmic Revolution – on the History of Interactive Art”. There are four differing tailor made special editions of Quadratime and one exclusive edition, that each can only be bought once.

Platform: iPhone/iPad (Universal)
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Carrois Type Design