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R133 [iPhone]



R133 is a new iPhone app by Tcheupel Garanger, the creator of  Cs133 we mentioned few weeks ago. As described in the AppStore, it is a graphical representation of the breathing cycle. What may seem a simple app at first, turns out to be quite an accomplishment, most probably no other app on the iPhone has achieved.

By recording and visually simulating breathing, I have found that a user creates an incredible relationship between the device and natural behaviour. Similarly the way you think about touch controls, when objects react to your fingers moving across the screen, the perception in R133 is quickly changed from a simple recorder to thinking that you are controlling the graphic behavior with breathing. An instant connection is created, one that if you maintain you normal breathing pattern seems indestructible. If you have ever had your blood pressure taken in a hospital or where the machine produces sound of your heart beat (or electrocardiography), you will know the feeling I am talking about. R133 provokes same quandary of behavior where one wonders if the machine is an extension of the body.

Tcheupel is very modest when he describes the app as graphical representation of the human breathing with a hold buttons recording system. R133 goes way beyond this by allowing us to question our natural behavior. I didn’t feel there was any need nor point embeding a movie of the app because the only way you can understand the connection is it to record your own breathing. What is embedded are the beautiful screens of the interface Tcheupel has created.

Astounding, awesome and breathtaking (for sure) are the three words to describe it. A must!

See also the site dedicated to the app: and Cs133

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free
Developer: Tcheupel Garanger


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