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Radiobones [iPhone]


Radiobones is the first visual radio created by guppies in the dark. Instead of looking away once you press play, Radiobones includes a skeleton which dances a routine between ballroom dance and pogo which you set in the settings panel. The app allows you to add your own radio stations, flick between them and set a routine for the skeleton. My only comment would be to include no sleep function and it is somewhat unfortunate that not many stations offer a URL stream of their shows. Other than this, Radiobones is now officially my favorite radio player!

RadioBones is a highly sophisticated piece of software but completely useless. (Except for those who have nothing else to do but staring at their radio) It does take full advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The accelerometer, multi touch and high-res screen. Now it is fun to look at your favorite radio station. Download stand start playing.

Radiobones uses the physical engine “chipmunk” which was written by Scott Lembcke.

Guppies in the Dark is a young company founded by Victor Bergen Henegouwen. Together with Monique, Niels, Mirko and Arjen they form a strange but oh so innovative mix of people creating their own playground. We reject reality and substitute it by our own.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: guppies in the dark