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‘Second Moon’ by Katie Paterson now on a journey around the Earth


‘Second Moon’ is a project by Katie Paterson that tracks the cyclical journey of a small fragment of the moon as it circles the Earth, via air freight courier, on a man made commercial orbit. The moon fragments launched from the British Science Festival in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 8th September, on a year long journey from September 2013 to August 2014. This one year journey will see the parcel moving in an anti clockwise direction across the UK, China, Australia and the USA. Orbiting at approximately twice the speed of our Moon, over one year Second Moon will orbit the Earth 30 times.

The Second Moon is the latest of many pieces in which Paterson has brought together the cosmological and the conceptual, the scientific and the poetic, the massive and the minute. She encourages her spectators to push their imaginations to their outermost reaches, to contemplate the mysteries of their place in the universe. She is the artist who transmitted Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to the lunar surface and back; installed a live phone line from a gallery to the groaning depths of an Icelandic glacier; mapped the locations of the 27,000 dead stars that are known to humanity (and continues to send a letter of condolence each time another one dies); took a grain of sand and got nanotechnological experts to carve it to just 0.00005mm across before casting it loose in the deserts of the Sahara. — writes The Times

‘Second Moon’ is visualized through a (free) App available from the AppStore that tracks the lunar meteorite in relation to the user’s location, the Moon’s location and the orbits of the other planets in our solar system. Mobile tablet devices and projections displaying ‘Second Moon’ will be positioned in different locations across the world.

‘Second Moon’ has been commissioned by Locus+ in partnership with Newcastle University and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. Supported by Arts Council England, Adelaide Festival, and Newcastle City Council. Produced by Locus+ with production support from Elmsly. App design by Fraser Muggeridge studios and Supermono.

Download from the AppStore | Second Moon Wesbite Katie Paterson