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Sketching Dynamic Geometry on the iPad

sketchdyn01 copy

Work in progress by Daniel Belcher is this app for iPad at the intersection of sketching, coding, and parametric modeling. Here is how he describes it:

I’ve been working on an app for the iPad that relies on some interactions that will hopefully lead to a balance between “manual” and parametric modeling. Grasshopper and SketchUp are two of my favorite design applications, so, if you know those beautifully crafted softwares, you will see where I’m going with this. At this point, I’ve only just scratched the surface, and I thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve been up to…

Really looking forward to see where this goes. It could be a lot of fun…

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  • Harry Harrison

    I need this.


  • My budget won’t like the developer very much…

  • HSonic

    I need it!

  • sam

    Daniel Belcher, this is cool! How does one get hold of this?

  • dbelcher

    Thanks for the interest. Still in development, but I plan to release it on the App Store sometime next year.

  • Really cool! we need it ))) 5 months pass – is there an assumption when it may be for appstore?

  • FlexMonkey

    This is (was?) beautifully executed. I’ve been working on a similar node based user interface for iPad, but for image compositing and editing. To the best of my knowledge, Nodality is the only node based processing app for iOS and borrows from high end workstation software such as Nuke and Houdini.

    Even better, it’s free :)

    You can read about its evolution on my blog: