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Starlay for iPad – Éditions Volumiques in collaboration with David Calvo

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Created by Éditions Volumiques in collaboration with David Calvo, Starlay is a new genre cartoon for the iPad aimed at children as much as adults. Every two days, a new page is unlocked and when the album is complete, a revelation emerges.

Starlay, a tiny seahorse, wants to bear the children of his girlfriend, Starlayte…Drifting in the everflowing world of the interstitial zone, will Starlay ever find his soulmate ? “Starlay” is a new kind of comic book for kids and adults of all ages. Every two days, a new page will be unlocked, revealing the eternal quest for true love.

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Starlay Official Website | The Starlay Website (English) | Éditions Volumiques | David Calvo

David Calvo is a writer, artist, screenwriter and game designer born 1974 in Marseille, France. His works focus on frailty, emotional intelligence and playful spirituality. Starlay is his project; he conceived, wrote and drew this interactive comic – stroll to explore topics he holds dear such as love, discovery, wonder…

Les éditions volumiques is a studio inventing, designing and developing new games and toys, focusing on the relationship between the tangible and digital. Working with David, they created, developped and published Starlay.