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The Grix by eBoy – New kind of pixel editor for the iPhone

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Every couple of weeks we receive an email from a developer who has created a new pixel editors. Back in september 2009 we posted about 32×32, one of the first pixel art style editors to hit the AppStore and since then we have seen very little in the progress of this genre. Almost two and a half years later of endless versions of different versions of the same, finally our friends at eBoy together with Felt Tip have brought something new and exciting.

After all, considering this is coming from eBoy, it is really no surprise.

The Grix is a new kind of pixel editor for the iPhone, conceptualised and designed by eBoy with code by Felt Tip.  The app allows you to make your own pixel tiles and arrange them to create beautiful pixel art. The Grix is fast, fun, simple, and surprising. Conceptualised around clusters rather than individual pixels themselves, the task is to build yourself a little library of pixel tiles which you can duplicate and combine with others. Colour presets are included so you can browse through different colour compositions to test which ones work best for your compositions.

Go ahead and download this little wonder and share you creations on Flickr or Facebook.

Features: Move, rotate, and delete tiles on the Grix — Create and edit tiles; Choose from 128 editable tiles for each Grix — 12 colour palettes; Comes with 5 eBoy made sample Grix — Post to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook — Save to Photo Roll; Email and share your editable Grix and tiles — Download additional sets from

Platform: iPad/iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $4.99
Developer: Felt Tip Inc

  • it’s fun – but if you want a serious Pixel editor for iphone i’d recommend edge touch!

  • I find it a beautiful tool! simple yet enough for pixel-sketching or pattern drawing. However I can’t find any option (I guess there is none) to upload or create new color palettes, that’s a big miss!.

    Nevertheless, really nice app!

  • henrikcederblad

    I’m missing a way to duplicate tiles, rather than having to recreate them when you want to make new tiles with small variances to them. Is that possible?