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The Lake [iPhone]

Created by Patrick Juchli, Holger Müller (sound) and Bernhard Frey (Design, Trailer), The Lake is a sound journey. You plug in your headphones, see a playing card on your screen, turn this card once, twice, many times, and every time you turn the card, you will delve deeper into the new world. All you’ve got is a single playing card and all you can do is turn it. The card will never change and there is no puzzle to solve but on each turn, sound will change and lead you somewhere new.

It takes ten steps to reach the lake, and after that another ten, another twenty. You arrive in a car, you are walking across an open field and through a forest. You remember the rain, the wind is blowing again and at some point there will be a kite flying high above you…….Everything repeats itself and yet each time it feels different. You remember things and see them in a different light.

Headphones are a must.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $1.99
Developer: Maybe its the Lighting

Posted on: 14/03/2011

Posted in: iOS

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    • Morgantj

      So the card is just a controller to play different field recordings?

    • Delcamcarlos

      I love it really… If i want to travel without stepping a foot on the ground this is it..