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Time as Color and Place [iPhone]


Originally created as around 2000 and 2002, Time As Color and Time as Place are two projects by Christopher Otto now available in the form of iPhone applications.

Time As Color is an app that displays time as additive colour where red is representative of  the hour, green of the minute, and blue of the second. The translation between the different scales of measurement (24,60,60 for time, 255,255,255 for color) produces a range of tones ranging from deep blacks to forest greens, typically starting very dark every minute and getting more blue as the seconds tick by. Time as Color was orignially created as a webpage in 2000 and has been shown at Rhizome OpenMouse at Remote Lounge NYC, E-2 Minus20 at Gasworks Gallery London, Immedia at The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, the Chiang Mai New Media Festival in Thailand, the “Greatest Hits of Automatic Net Art” at the Kunsthalle Bergen Norway, and “TRANSCODEX” at Boston University Art Gallery.

Cost: $1.99
Time As Color

Time As Place displays a satellite image are selected by setting the latitude to the hour and the longitude to the minute. It was initially created as a webpage in 2002 and now recreated using google maps on the iPhone.

Cost: $1.99
Time As Place