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ToyCamera [iPhone]


toycamera00ToyCamera is a simple photo application that turns your iPhone into a fun toycamera. Created by Takayuki Fukatsu (iTunes link)it’s his prime photo app for taking quick pics and applying quick photo effects.

First released in October last year and most recently 2.01 version, ToyCamera is about point, shoot and share. In this process, by default, you are greeted with surprise effect applied to your photo. Every time you take a shot a random effect us applied to it. If you do wish not to include some of the effects you can change this is the app settings. If you prefer to use only a single effect you can do this by disable all those that you do not want to use, all but one. ToyCamera brings you a set of image editing workflows that are automated for your convenience to produce exciting modifications to your photographs in a single click. The app takes photos in 800×600 or 600×600 resolution (crop option available) and they are automatically saved into your Camera Roll library. Available effects are: Vintage Green effect, Vintage Warm effect, Vintage Yellow effect, Low Saturation, High Saturation, Toning Sepia, Black & White, HiCon Black&White. In addition, uploader is included to the BigCanvas Photoshare.

Some may find ToyCamera lacking features and options but this is precisely the point.  If we think about photoshop as a worflow tool, thee are a number of steps required to take a photo, edit it using tools available in PS, optimize size and upload to a social networking site or Flickr. Now this is a task may take anything from 15-30 min. Trying to replicate this process on a mobile device giving a number of choices along the way would be wrong. Instead, as demonstrated by many apps in the appstore, these workflows are usually translated into single functionality apps that provide a quick way of automated workflows to create content. A good way to think about this is saved actions in Photoshop that may include photo import, effect and upload to a site of your choice. This is exactly what ToyCamera is.

ToyCamera for the iPhone is the modern version of what the original name suggests: simple, inexpensive film box cameras made almost entirely out of plastic, often including the lens. The term is misleading, since they are not ‘toys’ in the sense that these cameras are actually capable of taking photographs….. Many professional photographers have utilized toy cameras and the often strange optical effects of their inexpensive lenses to take award-winning photographs….such as the annual Krappy Kamera show at the Soho Photo Gallery in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City. Wikipedia

If you love taking photos, regardless of whether you are good or bad at it, ToyCamera is a great way to create images that will surprise you and amaze others. A must app for all in love with photography. See some examples below, photos I have taken, and much more on this Flickr group.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 2.01
Cost: $1.99
Developer: Takayuki Fukatsu
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