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WireDraw [iPhone]



Inspired by Rhonda or just a slight coincidence, WireDraw is a drawing applications on the iPhone that allows you to draw lines in three dimensions. Using iPhones built in accelerometer, you draw lines on a invisible rotating cylinder. You can adjust the line thickness, colour, intensity the cyclinder rotates (accelerometer), add grid for reference and save your creations.

Because the working plane you are drawing on is a cylinder, ie distance of the pen from the centre of rotation is always consistent, you will unfortunately end up endlessly drawing helix type objects. Slightly a shame as ability to modify the radius or the cyclinder plane would allow you to produce much more interesting creations. As in Rhonda, the fun really begins when you start to rotate the cylinder itself, drawing in true three dimensions which for now you are not able to do in WireDraw. Currently, in simplest of terms, with WireDraw you only draw on a flat plane that has been wrapped around the cylinder.

WireDraw is interesting nevertheless. Whilst current functionality is limited, the possibilities in future updates could be very exciting. Whether team behind the Rhonda will address iPhone platform before that happens remains to be seen. For now, WireDraw is more proof of concept rather than something you will use often but taking into account it is free, it is a must download anyhow.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free
Developer: BIT-101