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WURM [iPad, iPhone]


Created by Anna Oguienko, an artist/developer from Toronto, WURM is a generative drawing tools built around presets and parameters. The app allows you to play with palettes, shapes and drawing modes to create different compositions. It includes 5 shapes (each adjustable for more variations), over 10 colour palettes with transparency, multi-touch support and if on the iPad, turn-off “multitasking gestures” in Settings on your device and try WURM using all ten fingers.

I managed to create some really impressive images after five minutes of play. Joshua Davis’ aesthetic is very present, ie animated shapes that leave trace as you move finger over the screen, nevertheless the app does allow you to create unique pieces, especially when mix and matching different presets. Even with only 5 shapes, colour and behaviour, the variations do become endless.

Latest version includes “shuffle” feature allowing you to just simply randomise effects and draw. Works well for those not interested to play with the parameters but rather would just jump in and draw.

Anna was also kind to send us 5 promocodes for our readers. First to use them gets the app for free. They are: APLT3WWX443W, RWW7RFXEX4WE, PWTKP9XLK4YW, 4P9MJJ4HHWHW, XR6T3966HTPR

Would love to see your creations on CA’s flickr group

Platform: iPhone/iPad (Universal)
Version: 1.4
Cost: $1.99
Developer: annca LABS, Inc