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Zio [iPhone] – in Development



Glenn Marshall has just posted latest update on the development of his upcoming iPhone app “Zeo”. Half screensaver, half machine, Zeo is an interactive growing mechanism, a piece of generative art.

Using his ‘Zeno’ algorithm (metamorphosis), Zeo is Glenn’s journey into C++/Objective C, and getting familiar with the Xcode IDE.

He describes development stages including elements like particles (dots) detaching form the stems and floating/swimming about…

– continuous growth (vines)
– dual background/foreground dynamic
– light/shadow (fog shading)
– particle motion to counter growth motion (with particle trails drawn)
– rhythmic camera sway between close up and long shot.

It’s these concepts, if ‘nailed’, will allow endless generative animation, yet maintaining visual interest, surprise, non repetition, artistic sensibility, spatial and temporal variety, and a subtle sense of narrative and purpose. In short, something which seems alive and creating it’s own world, endlessly.

It’s an interesting read as are the older posts and videos on vimeo to follow the progress. Some great pointers in thinking about generative art in development.

iPhone Development #4 – ‘Zio’ « Butterfly.

Zio – iPhone App teaser #2 from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.