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Grotesque, Dream-Like Video Portraits by Donato Sansone

portraits_02 copy


Created by Enrico Milkyeyes/Donato Sansone and Enrico Ascoli, “Portrait” is work in progress on a video installations that shows portraits as “paintings in motion”. These portraits are “pictorial”, grotesque, dream-like, abstract and surreal photographs of real people created using various video editing and compositing tools and techniques.

This long process that integrates editing and abstract movement of the image to a sense of surreal beauty to the whole much to think about to make a video, a video where in fact nothing happens unless the staging of these beautiful abstract portraits “live” with the possibility ‘of animated inserts of foreign elements within the scene that interact with the portraits.

The project aims to ‘have different destinations and purposes’ aimed at exhibitions and festival of animation. It will be accompanied by a sound design and minimalist atmosphere that will help to create a dreamlike dimension into which the characters are inserted.

Each portrait will last ‘about 4-5 seconds and the idea is to make around fifty, so the video in its entirety will last between the two to the three minutes. | Vimeo