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Curious iPhones by InteractiveLab – Arduino, Processing, CIDetector iOS

Fun little experiment by the InteractiveLab group utilising a pair of iPhones, four servos controlled by Processing which receives openCV CIDetector face detection information via OSC from a custom iPhone app created in openFrameworks using iOS5 SDK. In other words, 2 iPhones observe and follow the face of the viewer.

In case you haven’t seen, a strong precedent would be Audiencean installation by rAndom international and Chris O’Shea (circa 2008). This is a fun experiment nonetheless and a great way to learn how these 3 can work together: openCV CIDetector in iOS5 SDK, Processing and Arduino.

InteractiveLab on Facebook

See also our Arduino + Servo + openCV Tutorial [openFrameworks] to get started.

Posted on: 18/04/2012

Posted in: Arduino, iPhone, Processing

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    • Michael Holub

      Hi, I’m the author of this installation, so here are the details: actually it is not OF. It is CIDetector from iOS 5 SDK. I’ve also tried to use Cinder+OpenCV using Haar Cascades, but it’s performance was worse, I haven’t found a combination of performance/quality settings that could make it usable.

    • Filip

      Thanks @facebook-1337360503:disqus . Corrected + looking great!

    • Tim

      I have done somthing similar with OpenCV, Arduino and a webcam some time ago… 

    • Tim

      I have done somthing similar with OpenCV, Arduino and a webcam some time ago… 

    • delia

      hey guys, I have a non-expert questions. is there a way to make the devices ‘curious’ without having the camera on or can you make it detect when working in the background? …for example, if i wanna play a video on the phone but I still want it to follow the viewers’ face.
      thanks a lot!

    • valyard

      There has to be some sensor anyway. And to detect a face you need a camera. If you mean you want iOS using camera in background, I beleive you can’t do that.

    • Jens Wunderling

      another very strong precedence from 2003 (really!) is the insecurity camera: which has a very nice narrative quality to it.

    • Benjamin Afrasyab Farahmand

      So a few months ago I was playing around with connecting OpenCV tracking with Skype to control a robotic head, to create a natural user interface for looking around at another location.

      If you guys are interested, you can also check out this tutorial on how to build a robotic head that can follow people’s faces:

    • John

      Hai, i wanna ask something ? How you communicate your iphone with arduino ? I mean I don’t any cable between iphone and arduino.