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Grid Pattern Clock [iPhone]

Grid Pattern Clock [iPhone]

Released only few days ago for $0.99, now Free, Grid Pattern Clock in a new addition to the AppStore adding to the ever expanding collection of clocks for the iPhone.

If you read our post about 1pxClock in January then you would be already familiar with our thoughts about clocks on the iPhone. Here is a litte excerpt anyhow:

...none of the clock apps fulfil the purpose we expect from them so the way we should look at this is by analysing which app gives us most aesthetic pleasure, ie which one looks best regardless of whether it’s actually useful. Think of it as a companion, something that gives purpose to visualising time on the iPhone…more

This brings us to the title of this post and subject in question. Similar to 1pxClock, Grid Pattern Clock is a creative and different take on how we think about time. Not necessarily representative of it, its a graphical exercise exploring the idea of building time. It’s wonderful watching blocks build up as time passes.

Grid Pattern Clock is also very similar to the way hard drive space has been represented. Have a look at these apps if you like the idea of looking at files on your hard drive in a slightly more graphical way Mac / PC.

I thought I should also mention Mondrian but I think that’s a given =]

Bored with tons of digital clocks? Try this cool and perfectly simple app!

Download while it’s free.



Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99 (Currently Free)
Developer: Han & the 5th Team

Posted on: 20/03/2009

Posted in: iPhone

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    • Mike Underworld

      r u joking right?

    • Mike Underworld

      r u joking right?