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Iconclock [iPhone]

Something very simple but fun for the fans. Created by Tokyo based forYou,inc ran by Shinya Kaneda, Iconclock is a clock app for your iPhone that takes the old skool Apple OS6/7 spinning clock to show time/date/set alarms + ‘remember the good old days’.

Here are some features:
- Four background colors to choose from and you can also choose your favorite photo from your device to use as a desktop picture.
- Pinch in, pinch out icon to change size of clock.
- Support the device’s landscaping and reverse portrait position.
- Tap and hold the clock icon to move it around.
- Automatically disable screen auto-locking.
- Good Ol’ alarm sound !
- One more thing

Absolutley love it….as simple as it is.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: forYou inc.

Posted on: 10/02/2010

Posted in: iPhone

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