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Quakescapes [Java]


Attempting to visualize the earthquakes, Quakescapes is the latest project by Christopher Warnow using the datasource from 2007 until the beginning of 2010 from the Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. What is shown in the images/movies below is a worldmap of earthquake amounts with Potsdam/Germany being the white block. The project was created with Java using Toxiclibs Physics and rendered with Sunflow.

Christopher Warnow

Music: In the sky on the ground – Nils Frahm (

Also part of the project is a projection test for the upcoming data sculpture about earthquakes. The hills show the amount of earthquakes over the last three years all over the world. The real world version was modelled by hand using a silicon like material called FormaForm. Each frame in the video is a photograph, a stop motion data sculpture film.

Christopher is a 27-year old interface design student in Potsdam/Germany, living in Berlin and a member of the We Are Chopchop Collective.

Sound: Love Cry – Four Tet

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