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I Follow – Randomly generated flipbooks by Matthias Dörfelt

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‘I Follow’ is an ongoing series of computer generated flip books created by Matthias Dörfelt for people that he wants to keep in touch with. Each book shows a creature chasing a balloon through a landscape where the creature, landscape and animation are randomly generated, using Matthias’ hand drawn marks.

‘I Follow’ was programmed using PaperJS and uses a procedural preset system to generate all the different features of the drawings – i.e. different presets for the leg animations, different presets for the leg rendering, different presets for all the body parts, landscape etc. The books were generated as .svg files from paper JS, placing six pages on one letter sized canvas, print ready including bleed and crop marks. Afterwards Matthias converted them to PDF’s using an Illustrator action, since unfortunately all command line tools he tried to do the job failed in one way or another. Finally they were printed on a canon desktop printer, cut and bound using simple perfect binding.

Project Page | Mokafolio

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