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“Image-of-Edessa” by Evan Roth and Geoffrey Lillemon


Collaborations are always a great chance to see artists’ work in new light. “Image-of-Edessa” is a project between Evan Roth, known for his GIF investigations among other things and Geoffrey Lillemon who explores quite unique pop-cultural cut&paste imagery that has started with Champagne Valentine and is now represented by Random. The “Image-of-Edessa” explores the notion of worship, the Internet and identity by combining animated GIFs + WebGL and delivering an unusual but very intriguing web experience.

When thinking Online, contrary to Nietzsche’s thoughts, God doesn’t seem to be dead at all. The internet is covered with sacred space and, if anything, The God has been released from traditional doctrine to become everything to everybody.

The video below and images include experiments leading up to the currently final result you see as the interactive piece. The plan is to projection map the piece on a mannequin to have similar  experience in a physical space. What is also characteristic of Geoff’s work is to utilise new creative technologies in ways that do not mimic already existing applications. In the case of WebGL, it is refreshing to see Geoff and Evan taking the technology in the direction that is new and different.

Created with Three.js.

Project Page | Image-of-Edessa


    • pixels are not a crime

      brilliant and we’re back to 1992 amiga demo scene graphics AGAIN……