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Neuronal Synchrony – WebApp as visual performance

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Created by Jono Brandel aka jonobr1, Neuronal Synchrony is a local web application to dynamically generate animations in real-time. Comprised of a node.js server to send and receive information to and from the Monome 128 and a webpage that handles these inputs and generates animations, Neuronal Synchrony is both a visual instrument and a webappThe video you see below video is a live recording of Jono running and playing the software to music, Panoramic by Lusine.

When a button on Monome is pressed a signal is sent to the computer. When received, the website sends a signal back lighting up the button. Finally, a signal is sent once the animation is complete and the lit button dims. This indicates that the button is ready to be pressed again. The generation and rendering of the animations is entirely in Scalable Vector Graphics through a library Jono developed called two.js.

One benefit to this is that the forms generated on the webpage are extractable and editable later. This makes it possible to enlarge them to a poster or other graphical format without any fidelity loss. Through this process Jono also created posters which can be viewed in further detail on Behance or society6.

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  • maakatea

    Amazing! This is truly a great piece of work!

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    The project link is dead :(