UI/UX Designer at Temboo

Temboo in NYC are looking for a designer to work across all areas of the product and company to ensure that great design remains front and center as they continue to innovate at the intersection of hardware and software.

30/09/2015 /

Project collaboration in data visualization / sonification at Critical Media Lab Basel – IXDM

Critical Media Lab Basel – IXDM are looking for a friendly open-mided, short-term coder, who is experienced with data visualization, complex GUI-creation and sound synthesis using openFrameworks.

24/09/2015 /

Tech Lead at W12 Studios

W12 Studios in London are looking for a strong Tech Lead to manage our prototyping team, one of W12’s newest and fastest growing departments.

24/09/2015 /

Creative Coder at Resilient Solutions 21

Resilient Solutions 21 is looking for talented and innovative front-end developers and creative coders who are capable of bringing a design-mindset to a wide range of data visualization problems.

21/09/2015 /

Creative Software Developer at OpenUp Music

OpenUp Music in Bristol, UK is looking for a freelance Creative Software Developer for a year long project to realise an accessible, affordable and expressive software based musical instrument.

09/09/2015 /

Creative Director, Motion Graphics at The Pulse

The Pulse in Sydney are seeking the best of the best after-effects designer, animator and creative thinker to join them in producing spectacular content for 3D projection mapping to virtual reality, interactive and other forms of immersive media.

07/09/2015 /

Creative Residency at 72u

72U invites curious makers to celebrate their unique talents, and explore how they can be applied in a professional, creative environment.

05/09/2015 /

Professorship for Experimental Design of New Technologies at the University of the Arts Bremen

The Art & Design Faculty at the University of the Arts Bremen is looking to fill a Professorship for Experimental Design of New Technologies (Bes. Gr. (pay bracket) W 2) for a fixed term of 5 years (reference WP 15/04) starting as soon as possible.

03/09/2015 /

E-commerce Growth Executive at The New Craftsmen

The New Craftsmen are looking for an ambitious and highly motivated e-commerce growth executive who can help meet and exceed online targets as well as contribute to the development of a new e-commerce platform for the growing business.

28/08/2015 /

Creative Technologist at FITCH LONDON

FITCH in London are looking for a Creative Technologist to develop creative concepts across all aspects of digital interaction working with a wider multidisciplinary creative team.

28/08/2015 /

Technical Lead at Engage Works

Engage Works is looking for an experienced Technical Lead for a permanent position working on the scoping and technical delivery of installation projects.

17/08/2015 /