Creative Coders at Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe GmbH

Company: VOLKSWAGEN GROUP Future Center Europe GmbH

Location: Potsdam near Berlin (Germany)
Type: Full-Time
Category: Creative Coder


you can
work with designers to quickly create interactions with code
build reliable prototypes for screen-based as well as tangible interfaces
work with VVVV, OpenFrameworks, Processing, C#, Python, Javascript

you have
a strong knowledge about networks and coding interactions
worked in iterativ e cycles and refined prototypes based on feedback
an interest in arts and design and enjoy working flexibly in creative Teams

we are
a highly creative team designing holistic experiences in and around the car
a transdisciplinary team framing the future of mobility
on a future journey – we envision the impossible and empower innovation
pushing the boundaries of user experiences and progressive digital workflows
here to find:

How To Apply:

Please apply by sending portfolio, CV, cover letter, start date and #Job ID
201707-VFCE-X to: