Creative Director at INDG

Company: INDG

Location: Amsterdam
Type: Full-Time
Category: Art Director


INDG is very much 3D-oriented. It’s our bread & butter and most of what we do is based on 3D. We work on long-term projects for big boys like Philips, Electrolux, Honda, Whirlpool, Yamaha, Heineken and others. We do websites, apps, videos and more. Mostly these are not one-offs like advertising or promo-pages, but rather things that are supposed to live for a long time.

Historically, INDG has been focused on presenting physical products in digital space in all sorts of interesting ways.
With time, we became rather good at this and started automating a lot. This gave birth to powerful R&D and what we now call a ‘product team’, essentially a software company inside a design company.

# Creative Director

INDG is looking for a Creative Director to join us at the Amsterdam office. Clearly, this is one of the most important roles in any kind of agency and INDG is no exception. Expats welcome.

## A bit of history and philosophy

INDG is doing CG for companies that produce physical products such as sneakers, juicers or MRI machines. Within the CG domain, we’re quite broad, you can expect to work with product videos, interactive applications, CG-heavy websites, AR, VR, real-time apps and such.

Why do we do what we do? Several reasons, and naturally, different people at INDG have different motives for their work.

Some common ones:

– Raise the level of representation of day-to-day objects to a form of art. Fashion did it, consumer electronics should do it, too.

– Showcase marvels of industrial design that some companies produce and sell (think Bang & Olufsen hi-fi or Yamaha bikes).

– Make people happy with their purchase when they buy and use physical objects.

– Come up with smarter ways to craft our deliverables so that companies order more CG from us and everyone else.

## How INDG is organized

The structure of INDG is fairly straightforward.

The art-directorial team currently consists of seven members of which four are specialized in CG. This team will report to the Creative Director.

The production team has many members of different specializations and is distributed approximately 50/50 between Bucharest and Amsterdam.

The Head of Delivery is the business and operational leader within INDG and is reporting to the CEO. The Studio Director oversees our office in Bucharest.

The newly hired Creative Director will thus work in a very tight collaboration with the Studio Director and the Head of Delivery and be leading the art-directorial team with dotted lines to project management, sales, and other stakeholders.

## Why do we need a Creative Director?

INDG understands that to grow and develop it needs to enhance many things in how it operates.

**Stable results.** INDG is striving for each delivery to be high quality with no execution surprises. Whatever new processes need to be put in place, whoever should be hired, whichever new trainings are to be started up—the Creative Director will be developing and executing measures to keep quality high.

**More creativity.** It’s not an easy task to present a toaster in a way that will make everyone gasp. Not a lot of people walked this way. So, better concepts and more creativity will be of utmost importance to the new CD.

**New lines of business.** Clients value INDG knowledge of physical products: throughout the 15-year-long history, we did thousands of projects. They now ask for so much more than just 3D production. Things like launch strategies, style guides or 3D automation regularly appear on our plate. It will be up to the Creative Director not only to guide such projects but also to think of ways of getting more of them.

## Formal responsibilities

– Total creative execution

– Leading a team of Art Directors based in Amsterdam and overseeing the visual quality of the Bucharest and Amsterdam studios

– Defining a new standard of quality for engagement in 3D experience

– Defender of creative integrity and commercial relevance

– Complete integration of creative concept potential

– Leading the edge of creative solutions for digital product platforms

– Creative owner of all projects, end-to-end

– Defining and protecting the quality standards of our product visualizations

– Leading discussions about the team’s long-term style direction and goals

– Speaking to clients and getting them excited about our visual content

## Formal requirements

– Passionate about digital and the latest market trends in the industry

– Ambition to lead a creative team, managerial but grounded

– Thorough understanding of creative processes, plus structured approach to creativity. Ease of guiding and teaching the creative methods to the team members

– Defender of great design

– Knowledge and fanatic curiosity of digital ecosystems and the value of integrated creativity

– Bachelors / Masters or equivalent

– A portfolio demonstrating your expertise

How To Apply:

Please send your resume to the link provided. Get creative with your application, cover letter, share your portfolio. We’re a fan of not only smart people but also out the box thinkers.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +31 (0) 20 488 9696 or through

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