Developer / Creative Coder at NSYNK

Company: NSYNK

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Type: Full-Time
Category: Developer


NSYNK is looking for a creative coder / developer to join our team in Frankfurt to work on graphics pipeline engineering and R&D for realtime stage performances.

NSYNK develops new narratives, new ways of storytelling in a world of mixed realities and for audiences all around the world. Through our experience in various backgrounds we know how to design a stage and how to build a show, how to craft exhibits, interactive spaces and experiences and how to to do all of this in a meaningful manner.

We act like glue for art and technology. We develop and share the artistic vision, and we know how to make the vision become a reality. From concept to storyboard to a working prototype: kinetics, broadcast, microcontrollers, AR and VR, tracking, radio, laser … . We know how to plan with these technologies and deliver an experience that is both thrilling and safe for the highest reliability requirements.

About you:

We look for someone who loves to collaborate and be part of our interdisciplinary team. If you have solid coding skills and are passionate about pushing the boundaries of storytelling by technological means, we look forward to meeting you. We constantly incorporate new technologies into our projects. You should be able to connect and creatively use these new technologies with our existing framework built around vvvv/VL and unity3D.

Minimum Requirements:

/ Bachelor of Science or Arts in Computer Science or similar. Or equivalent coding experience.
/ Experience in coding in languages like C++ or C#
/ Expiences in collaborative coding work and a keen eye on code quality
/ Experience in higher level platforms like VVVV or Unity3D

Positive Values:

/ Experience in modern graphics pipeline programming
/ Knowledge about render techniques
/ Experience in VR/AR/MR projects
/ Experience creating gestural interaction through computer vision, kinect, leap motion or other platforms
/ Experience with micro controllers

Other tools and platforms in our ecosystem: Cinema4D, Houdini, Unreal, Blender, F#, .Net & Mono, HoloLens, HLSL, GLSL, DX11 + 12, Vive, Arduino, RaspberryPi, REDIS …

How To Apply:

If you like to support our small and committed team of designers and developers we are looking forward to hearing from you at:

Here you’ll find: excellent coffee, a grand view onto the Frankfurt skyline, travels around the world, a proper sound system, a bar and … competitive salary.