JS/HTML5 Developer at B-Reel


Company: B-Reel

Location: UK, London
Type: Creative Code
Job Type: Full Time


We are looking for a great creative developer to join our team in London. Someone who enjoys new technical and creative challenges and strives to push the boundaries.

You are passionate about the web, Javascript, HTML5, frameworks and public APIs. WebGL is something you have experience with or at least interest on learning about.

Ideally you are not focused in just one technology but interested in many of them, specially any experience or interest in the following will be considered: Python, NodeJS, Flash, Mobile or any other server-side technologies. UXD interest/experience will be a plus.
You love to work as part of a close-knit team: you are confident in working closely with Producers, Motion Graphics Artists, Art Directors and other front-end/back-end developers to creatively push the project forward. Since cooperation plays a leading part in B-Reel’s projects it is important to be group orientated and a true team player.

You express genuine curiosity about what is happening in the interactive industry and have a strong interest in trying new techniques, explore innovative solutions and turn new impressions into great work. Ideally you do your own experiments too.
Producing work to the highest quality standards is something you take great pride in and strive for in all the projects you undertake.
Introduce yourself to us, pick up your best projects and tell us your motivations and also about those small personal projects you love.

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