Technical Lead – UX Lab at INSTRUMENT



Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Type: Technologist
Job Type: Full-Time


The Instrument UX Lab is looking for a seasoned creative developer with a rare passion for making the impossible seem easy. As the Technical Lead at Instrument Labs, you’ll be working with the UX Design Director to develop an open Lab environment where innovation happens naturally and with a purpose.

We want you to consider Instrument Labs your personal R&D space for creating and developing projects that are both experimental and client specific. For you, ‘difficult’ is a fun problem to solve. From building large, multi-screen installations to browser based interactives, or the next generation mobile apps, they are all just different means of turning an idea into something jaw dropping. Experimental to the core, you have solid programming experience making complex designs and fluid interactivity come to life on a variety of platforms such as OpenFrameworks, OpenGL, Processing & Cinder. And it goes without saying that you understand the interplay of hardware infrastructure and the custom software necessary to make an experience come to life.

You\’ll be teaming up with us to develop concepts that use both old school, new and yet to be conceived technology. The following is a list of technologies that we are looking to explore:

* Large-format, multi-screen, 60fps Interfaces
* Gestural sensing in 3D (Computer vision, Kinect etc.)
* New and evolving UI paradigms such as eye tracking, gesture & touch
* Display/Projector seaming
* Projection mapping
* Physics simulations
* Motion Tracking
* LED installations

You have 6-10 years experience with interface development using some the following:

* OpenGL
* C++
* Open Frameworks
* Processing
* Cinder
* AS3
* C++
* Cinder
* Canvas
* Html5
* Javascript
* Ios – cocoa, objective c
* Flash (sterling etc.)
* Vvvv
* Max msp

Additional Expectations:

* Work with a sense of urgency (without panic) to deliver consistently
* Approach your work with an open, flexible outlook and a focus on innovation
* Engage with a positive attitude within the larger team to produce the best possible product and results
* Maximize your time and output by thinking creatively and working smarter, not just harder

What We Offer

* Competitive salary, full benefits package including medical, dental, vision coverage and 401k
* A great new work space in NE Portland, Oregon
* A collaborative, progressive, team development environment
* Access to innovative, creative projects with clients like Nike, Google. Microsoft and Intel
* Paid holidays and vacation/ personal time
* A team of people that work smart and play hard
* Opportunities to make a difference in a small, highly productive environment

Let us know if you’re interested by sending us an email ( including work history, a resume and some links to your best work.