Creative Engineer at C4 Studio

Company: C4 Studio

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Type: Full-Time
Category: Creative Coder


Logic&Form is looking for a macOS/iOS developer to help drive the development of our cutting edge design tool, C4 Studio. Your role will involve all aspects of architectural design and development. You’ll be building a desktop tool that allows designers to take static designs, animate them and deliver sophisticated application-ready code to devs.

What You’ll Do
• Build custom interface elements
• Develop new features
• Fix bugs
• Contribute to architectural and technical discussions
• Foster an environment that encourages productivity, innovation, equality, and teamwork

A Bit About You
• 3 years experience in software development on Apple platforms. You can diff UIKit AppKit in your sleep.
• Bachelor’s degree in CS or related field. You know what a hash map is.
• Experience with Swift 3, you know what an optional is and what flatMap does.
• Ability to work independently and within a team. Managing your own time is second nature, but
you also know when to bounce ideas with your peers.
• Creativity with focus.
• Willingness to embrace new ideas and be open to emerging technologies.
• Excellent communication skills, you speak up if you need help and keep your colleagues informed.

• Experience with macOS development
• Keen to jump in and operate within a start-up environment • Recently building an iOS app that is live in the App Store
• Understanding of design patterns

About The Project
Your primary role will be on the development of C4 Studio, a design > animation > code production tool that bridges the gap. For more about the software please see the following links:
• Official Site:
• Alpha Release:

About the Team
We are a group of interaction designers and developers focusing on the creation of cutting-edge design tools. Our studio’s projects range from producing custom iOS applications to building physical interactive installations. Some of our prior works include:
• Creation of custom “concept” applications for SAP, used to deliver highly compelling keynote presentations at international events.
• The ongoing development and maintenance of an open-source creative-coding api for iOS:
• An interactive artwork made up of ~30 iPads that communicate and share animations and effects between one another, we call this piece M/O:
• The creation of interactive data visualizations such as CityBits:
• The design and production of modular LED walls such as Halo:

How To Apply:

Send your c.v. / portfolio to: