Creative Technologist at yU+co

Company: yU+co

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Type: Freelance
Category: Technologist


yU+co is a Hollywood-based design studio specializing in film & television opens, branding and experiential design.
We are looking for an experienced Creative Technologist to work with us on a large-scale public event.
The work includes designing and programming projection-mapped, audio-reactive visuals as well as interactive installations utilizing Kinect-based tracking.

• Several years of professional experience in designing, prototyping and developing interactive installations and performances
• Expert knowledge in a combination of creative coding languages/environments, such as vvvv, TouchDesigner, Unity, openFrameworks (C++), Processing (Java), JavaScript
• Proven track record of projection mappings, audio-visual/audio-reactive projects, and body tracking with Kinect or other IR-based solutions
• Strong design sensibilities
• Interdisciplinary, open, and collaborative work approach
• Willingness and motivation to learn and experiment with new technologies

• Knowledge of shader programming in HLSL, GLSL, or WebGL
• Experience in developing AR/VR projects
• Familiarity with Android & iOS development

Based on availability, starting October or November until January 1st.

How To Apply:

Please send us an email along with your CV and portfolio with the subject line “Creative Technologist position”.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
+1 323-606-5050
Contact: Carol Wong